Allard M Type Coupe

Sydney Allard was born to wealthy parents in South London, England in 1910. When he was 18, Allard began work in a garage as an apprentice mechanic while simultaneously beginning his career as a racing driver. He first specialized in cross-country trials in a Morgan, but just one year later he was racing at such fabled circuits as Brooklands and Donnington Park.

In 1930, he built his first automobile; a trials special powered by a Ford flathead V8 engine. The car was both fast and reliable, creating much interest in the fledgling vehicle. An assembly line was established to cope with the increasing demand for Allard vehicles. The company switched to the production of military vehicles during World War II, but quickly came back to market in 1946 with the K1, a simple two-seater convertible powered by a flathead V8 that had been developed by Ford at Dagenham, England for the armed services during the War.

Allard had no dealers. It was suggested to contact the factory or one of its local accredited agents as cars were built-to-order. Both two-seat and four-seat models were produced along with both open and closed cars, all resembling the original trials car and all featuring Ford power. Bodies used steel panels draped over traditional wood framing.

95 hp, Ford/Mercury 59A flathead V8 engine, three-speed manual transmission, independent swing axle front suspension, rear beam axle with torque tube and transverse leaf spring, four-wheel drum brakes.

Source: RM Auctions

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