Porsche Sports Racing Special The Pup

Very early in the production life of the classic Porsche 356 coupe/speedster, clever specials builders recognized the potential of Dr. Porsche’s advanced all-alloy powertrain, independent suspension and efficient brakes. On the West Coast Ken Miles built his famous “Pooper” – a modified Cooper Formula III car with the requisite 356 mechanical parts which became a big embarrassment for the Porsche factory when their own new Sports Racing Spyders could not keep up with it. The Pooper’s East Coast equivalent was nicknamed “The Pup” and it is this car that we are pleased to present here for sale.

Emil Pupulidy grew up on Long Island, New York and built P47 fighter planes for Republic Aviation in the 1950s. He raced motorcycles and loved fast cars. While travelling in Europe in 1952 he visited the Porsche factory and bought a new Porsche 356 coupe which he then raced back home in local events. “Pup” Pupulidy was known as a very fast and aggressive driver who was later crowned the SCCA G-Production National Champion in his dealer-sponsored 356 Porsche Coupe.

Pup attended the 1952 Bridgehampton Race where Porsche importer Max Hoffman debuted a Glöckler Porsche prototype mid-engine spyder and he decided to build a similar car of his own. Construction was started in early 1953. As the square tube chassis was nearing completion, Pup stamped the ID “PUP1” into the rear frame rail. Well-known Porsche racer Paul Sagan helped in design and construction. However, the project did not progress fast enough for him to make the 1954 racing season, so Max Hoffman offered him a Volkswagen donor car that had been damaged. Pup set his mid-engine spyder project aside and completed a car using the VW pan and a typical rear engine set-up. That winter Pup and friend John Wuff resumed the project, making a second fiberglass body, eventually sending the tube frame, components and body to Frick Motors, a well-known European sports car shop, for completion. The project was finished at Frick, but as Pup was by then racing a Porsche Carrera Speedster, PUP1 was abandoned to the rear of the shop, until discovered in 1958 by Butch Strunk, a racing enthusiast from Long Island. Butch brought it back to life, and PUP1 was raced with vigor in the northeast circuits and in hillclimbs.

This car was auctioned off by RM Auctions in January of 2009 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, Phoenix, Arizona.

150bhp, Porsche 356 racing engine with Carillo rods, Scat crank, titanium valves, Solex 40 pii carburetors and custom exhaust system, 356 four-speed vented gearbox with C/R gears, four-wheel 356 drum brakes with PF carbon linings, tubular steel ladder-type chassis with triangulation in each bay. Weight: 1200 pounds with fluids

Source: RM Auctions

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