The Italian brand has already brought back the Delta and evaluates the Fulvia. Why not Stratus?

Lancia is really taking the “bring the glorious past back to ensure the future” story seriously. First of all, it brought back the name Delta. Then we have heard it intends to revive Fulvia. Even a Deltina, or a smaller Delta, in coupe body, is on the plans. Considering this strategy, why wouldn’t it consider bringing back the Stratos as well? Olivier François, Lancia CEO, thinks likewise. “These were great models for building and strengthening the Lancia brand, and that’s what we need to do again, although the new car will be sports car, not a racing car”, he told Matt Saunders, from Autocar.

François also said he is trying to convince Sergio Marchionne the car should inherit Stratos and Beta Montecarlo characteristics, for a limited-volumes production to start by 2011. This is the same strategy adopted by Alfa Romeo with the 8C Competizione. If it has worked for one of Fiat brands, why wouldn’t it suit another one, especially one that has so important historical conquests on the rally scene?

Lancia CEO has also confirmed the Italian automaker will present a new concept car for 2009 Geneva Motor Show. Though it may seem that he refers to the new Stratos, he has made reference in his interview to Autocar that this concept will be for a car that will be between the new Ypsilon and Delta. In other words, he has confirmed that there will be a Deltina, a smaller, coupe version of Delta, with more sporting character than the two other models. He could also have confirmed the return of the Integrale, but it was not this time…

Considering the new Lancia Stratos will only appear by 2010, if it does at all, Fenomenon and Prodrive will get the highlights next year. When they have presented the NewStratos, back in 2005, at IAA, the Stratos-inspired vehicle was promised to be produced in 2009 in a limited series of 450 units, 150 for each of the three versions, Barchetta (convertible), Stradale (road use coupe) and Competizione (for racing). Lancia may even join forces with Fenomenon to use what it has already developed and badge it as an original Lancia Stratos. Take a look at the pictures and decide yourself it this beautiful machine does not deserve to have its origins officially recognised.