Renault Zoe Concept

Zoé is a diminutive upper-range urban vehicle which places the accent on genuine motoring pleasure. Zoé features a blend of clear-cut lines and rounded forms. Meanwhile, its luxurious, functional interior puts its innovative asymmetry to maximum effect to reveal a true 3-seat layout and voluminous boot. Another Zoé innovation is its "Pass" system which will automatically adjust interior ambience to match individual driver tastes. One click will modify the choice of music, settings and overall atmosphere.

Renault has given Zoé its own vision of a small, dynamic, upper-range city car. A modern-day expression of luxury in a compact format, Zoé "appeals through its mature, sensuous curves, its characterful frontal styling and hypnotic demeanour. Zoé is charm personified" says Renault's Patrick le Quément, Senior Vice President Corporate Design.

"Zoé is a vehicle designed for city life. It has been shown that cars carry only 1.4 people on average, but 2-seat interiors are perceived as a constraint. Zoé is therefore a genuine 3-seater complete with a boot located behind the driver's seat, all built into a compact architecture" explains Patrick Le Quément.

A mere 3.45 m in length, Zoé is both practical and functional with innovative opening panels thought through for urban use, including kinematics engineered to facilitate access and loading, especially in situations where space is at a premium.

Zoé's interior is exceptionally spacious for such a small vehicle. Its modular 3-seat layout makes a number of combinations possible.

Source: Renault press

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