Shelby Cobra 427

In the world of exalted, championship-winning, awe-inspiring sports cars, the Shelby Cobra 427 S/C requires no introduction. From its design and performance to its heritage and competition history, there’s truly nothing like it. Few cars are as collectible as the snake that conquered the prancing horse in 1965. According to the Shelby American Automobile Club, only 311 of the “big block” Cobras were built from 1965-1967. In answer to the prayers of countless enthusiasts worldwide, Carroll Shelby’s own Shelby Automobiles has been manufacturing continuation cars with 4000 and 6000 CSX serial numbers since 1995. Not to be confused with Cobra replicas, these are genuine 427 S/C Shelby Cobras, authenticated by Shelby Automobiles, Inc. with proper CSX numbers and a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO), signed by Carroll Shelby himself. Only a small number are built each year and every car is listed in the official Shelby registry.

While true to the cars built in the 1960s, improvements over the original include a stronger steel frame and better alloys utilized in the components, improved cooling and additional heat shielding, all of which renders these cars safer and more drivable, but with all the authentic Cobra character. Outfitted with a proper 427 side-oiler, these Cobras are capable of zero-to-sixty runs in under four seconds and 12-second quarter mile times – performance figures on par with contemporary super cars.

This car was auctioned off by RM Auctions in August 2009 at the Portola Hotel & Spa and Monterey Conference Center, Monterey, California and in October of 2009 at the Battersea Evolution, London.

600 hp, 427 cu. in. V8 side-oiler engine, four-wheel independent suspension, four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 90".

Source: RM Auctions

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