Seat Salsa Emocion Concept

The SEAT Salsa is a concept car presented at the 2000 Geneva Motor Show, as a foretaste of SEAT's new design line under Walter de'Silva. Featuring a three-door coupé body style, it is powered by a 250 PS (180 kW; 250 hp) 2.8L 24 valve V6 engine.

The SEAT Salsa was described as a Multi Driving concept car, because its driver could select through a dashboard switch several driving modes (sport, comfort, city) thus modifying not only the engine and the gearbox parameters but also the driving position, the interior lighting or even the layout of the dashboard.

Six months after the presentation of the Salsa in Geneva, SEAT revealed the SEAT Salsa Emoción at the 2000 Autosalon Paris. The Salsa Emoción is the evolution of the initial Multi Driving concept car, adding new features in terms of an all road adaptability.

On the design process of the Salsa concept the Alias StudioTools CAID software has been used.

Source: Wikipedia, 2012

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