Skoda MissionL Concept

From Skoda press: The main attraction of Škoda's presentation at the 2011 Frankfurt International Motor Show is a liftback design concept called MissionL. Close to the series-production design, this concept car offers a glimpse of Škoda's sixth model line that will be launched in Europe, Russia and China in 2012. Before the end of 2011, the brand will also launch a new compact sedan in India. 

The Škoda MissionL Concept boasts pure lines and precision workmanship in every last detail. Well-balanced proportions are a combination of purely designed surfaces and sharp-cut lines. The impression of robustness and elegance of this liftback is underlined by bold wing lines combined with 18" lightweight alloy wheels. Much like in the VisionD concept, one of the dominant features of the front end is the new look of Škoda's typical design elements. The winged arrow logo is now an independent item dominating the front edge of the bonnet. Formed by vertical lamellas, the radiator grille is set in a chrome-plated frame. Arranged in a four-leaf clover pattern, the car's headlamps and front fog lamps stand out especially in twilight. The crystalline structure of slim-line integrated flashers and daytime lamps in the bottom part of the main headlamps is based on sharp lines that clearly refer to the excellent workmanship of Czech glass-cutters, and this motif also appears in other places, both on the body and in the interior.

The designers have used the joints between the wings and the bumper as bold decorative elements. Each of the sharp lines ends harmonically. Three lines on the sides and the rear form a gentle, cut-glass-like triangle at the taillights. The tail lamps boast a white, clear and gentle crystal-cut surface and are surrounded by a red, C-shaped rear lamp.

Škoda MissionL Concept's interior is covered with a dark-tinted glass panoramic roof. Just like the exterior, the interior is highly elegant. On top of that, the interior combines sophisticated ergonomics with high functionality. While the horizontal structure of the interior is a demonstration of generosity, the dashboard, the seat upholstery and the steering wheel with its white-and-beige design add youthful esprit. The door panels are covered with textile cut-crystal-patterned upholstery that brings the motif of the Czech glass-making tradition to the car's interior as well.

"We have taken a very purist approach to this design study - we have structured the surfaces simply, but impressively," says Head of Škoda's Design Department Jozef Kabaň about the philosophy of this concept. As a result, the vehicle has a strong, sporty look. "The design conveys straightforwardness and a youthful character. Life often becomes very complicated, and many people react by resorting to precision, high-quality materials and minimalism. The Škoda MissionL Concept offers all that," adds Jozef Kaban.

Skoda MissionL Concept