Wiesmann Roadster MF3 Final Edition by Sieger

18 years after the first Wiesmann Roadster MF3 wowed the automotive world, an era is now drawing to an end. The last models with the high-torque in-line 6-cylinder engines are currently under production at our sports car plant in Dülmen. We have developed a special highlight to accompany the last Wiesmann MF3 Roadster – working with SIEGER, we will create 18 spectacular cars whose style and individual personalities are so memorable that we will always have something to smile about when we think back to the MF3 era.

The Wiesmann Roadster MF3: 18 years of history - The sports car world was electrified when the Wiesmann Roadster MF3 made its debut in 1993 after five years of development. Freed of every single superfluous detail, it brought the essence of classic sports car design back to the road. The Roadster MF3’s looks, structure and style all paid homage to one clear concept: driving pleasure at its very purest. And it all paid off. For 18 years, we have produced the Roadster MF3 without making more than a mere handful of changes. Its lightweight body houses a high-torque in-line 6-cylinder engine (252 kW / 343 HP), the source of the Wiesmann Roadster MF3’s tremendous power, its unique dynamic qualities and its sensational drive. No other model has made such a lasting impression on the Wiesmann brand, and the Roadster MF3 is the car that has formed the cornerstone of our company’s success. Continuous technological refinement has turned the sports car into what it is today: a prize-winning example of real automotive art.

Winding up production of the high-torque, in-line 6-cylinder model inspired Wiesmann to do something special. Something that only Wiesmann is capable of. Something nobody in the sports car world has ever seen before. As managing director Friedhelm Wiesmann put it, “Our basic idea was to create an amazing design that would make the last cars even more desirable and valuable.”

It didn’t take long for the Dülmen plant to find the ideal partners for this undertaking. Using the notion of “classic with a twist” as a starting point, SIEGER took the Wiesmann Roadster and created cars whose breathtaking design is bound to capture the imagination of sports car lovers the world over. 18 years, 18 models, 18 personalities, 18 stylish statements. Bearing names such as Panther, Rocket and Chocolat, these special-edition models epitomize the purest of sports car design. Managing director Friedhelm Wiesmann: “SIEGER is known the world over as a premium brand, and its designs have earned it international attention and admiration. It is the ideal company to match our ambition to combine beauty and technical perfection as one.” SIEGER’s special color palette and taste for the exceptional mean that it does much more than just make products: SIEGER’s creations are designer objects that fulfill a practical end. Which is what makes it the perfect partner for Wiesmann.

The parallels between the two companies are striking. The two managers are brothers. Both brands are at home in the Münsterland region. Both companies create beautiful, stylish luxury products. Wiesmann and SIEGER are, in short, made for each other. The final 18 cars show both companies’ talents at their best. Wiesmann contributes the experience it has gathered during its 18 years and more of sports car construction – flawless technical solutions and perfection down to the very last detail, all the result of painstaking labour dedicated to creating a sensational driving experience. To this, SIEGER brings is unique color concepts so that every model acquires a personality of its own and becomes a true individual. Michael Sieger says, “The Wiesmann Roadster MF3 final edition is an unparalleled project in automotive history.” A creative idea has given rise to a compelling concept, one that is unique in each and every detail.

The 18 special-edition cars all differ from each other while retaining an unmistakable similarity. The flowing lines of their revamped exterior design harks back to the style of the classic roadster. The stripes leading from the radiator grille to the tail of the vehicle and the harmonious paintwork on the car’s flanks use color as a visual expression of the power of the Wiesmann Roadster MF3. This leitmotif reappears on the inside too. The doors, seats and steering wheel have been completely redesigned for the final edition, while special tyre rims and door sills are yet more details that illustrate the cars’ exclusive appeal.

Source: Wiesmann press

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