Ford V8 Convertible Sedan

1936 saw Ford generate profits of $17.9 million for the year, largely thanks to the ongoing success of the V8, a stronger, improved chassis and modern, streamlined bodies. Production of most high volume bodywork, brought in-house at the Rouge plant, along with massive capital investments, returned dividends in the form of strong profits. While this success was not accomplished easily or without strife, 1936 also saw the twenty-millionth Ford built, while the success of the “flathead” V8 was endorsed with the production of three million examples since 1932.

The market continued to shift its preference to enclosed bodies, and only 5,601 examples of the handsome Convertible Sedan were produced in 1936.

This car was auctioned off by RM Auctions in July of 2010 at the Shotwell Gustafson Pavilion at Meadow Brook Hall, Rochester, Michigan.

85 bhp, 221 cu. in. L-head V8 engine, three-speed manual sliding gear transmission, solid front axle with single transverse leaf spring, ¾-floating rear axle with single transverse leaf spring, and four-wheel mechanical, internal-expanding drum brakes. Wheelbase: 112"

Source: RM Auctions
Photo Credit: Copyright Simon Clay

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