Abarth Punto Scorpione

Adrenaline, the gusto of pitting oneself against any kind of challenge, the never-ending search for speed and performance both on the track and facing a downhill race. These are the reasons that led Abarth and Nitro to join forces and work together, the first result of which is the "Nitro powered by Abarth" snowboard. 

It is by drawing inspiration from the same shared values that Abarth is presenting a new Limited Edition in Bologna, the new Abarth Punto scorpione. Ninety-nine cars have been made, all distinguished by a two-tone Nero Scorpione livery enhanced by a special matte black paintwork for the bonnet and roof. The exterior of the car is enriched by special glossy black graphics for roof and bonnet. They ideally reproduce the bottom of the "Nitro Powered by Abarth" snowboard and are achieved with a hand-crafted polishing treatment right at the Abarth&C. factory to achieve a perfect tailor-made customization. 

Powered by a 1.4 MultiAir engine that develops 180 HP (132 kW) at 5750 rpm and with 270 Nm of maximum torque at 2500 rpm, the Abarth Punto scorpione reaches a top speed of more than 216 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.5 seconds. 

Further contributions to performance come from the modified suspension and safety, as well as the adoption of floating, perforated and self-ventilated front disc brakes with oversized four-piston yellow brake calipers, perforated rear disc brakes, high performance front brake pads, front and rear Koni shock absorbers with FSD (Frequency Selective Dumping) valve and specially lowered springs. The exhaust pipe oversized in the centre segment is also taken from the by now famous "Esseesse" kit. 

Inside, this special Abarth Punto scorpione features "Abarth Corsa by Sabelt" black leather seats, with red and yellow stitchings and matte black backrest, homologated and lightened in keeping with the car's racing spirit. Enriching the interiors are the laser-treated aluminium kick plate with special graphics, the stainless steel pedals with Abarth brand, and the leather steering wheel with double red and yellow stitching, just like the seats and the sporty Jaeger driving instruments. 

Accompanying this new Limited Edition is the "Abarth Nitro" winter kit, designed for lovers of speed and the most daring riders, and for snowboard and mountain buffs in magical snow-covered places marked by slopes, cliffs and fresh snow. The "Abarth Nitro" winter kit contains 17" alloy wheels complete with winter tires, a snowboard rack with magnetic fastening and a snowboard of the "Nitro powered by Abarth" line. The Abarth Team Series snowboard features a perfect poplar core to ensure strength and stability. The wood in fact guarantees flexibility, which cushions blows and the harder landings, even on uneven terrains. Speed, power, precision when turning, suppleness and lightness are the qualities that all snowboards should have. Nitro Abarth Team Series snowboards feature not only bi-lite laminates, dual degressive sidecuts and tip profiles, but also have a special Iso Nano Highspeed surface. This material has been specially researched for this snowboard to guarantee its incredible speed and long life. An Action Camera completes the kit to catch the most highly adrenaline-charged moments behind the wheel and the top performances with the "Nitro powered by Abarth" snowboard. The "Abarth Nitro" winter kit is also available for the Abarth Punto and the Abarth 500, with 16" steel wheels in the latter case.

Source: Abarth press

Abarth Punto Scorpione