Ferrari 250 Europa Coupe

The 250 Europa was the first road-going Ferrari identified by the now legendary 250 series nomenclature, and it is also widely regarded as the first true Ferrari Gran Turismo, solidifying the marque’s longstanding relationship with Pinin Farina, who built most of the bodies. Even though these cars were marketed as expensive and luxurious GT machines, their advanced specifications and sleek lines helped assure Ferrari’s reputation for performance above all else. The Europa was the only Ferrari 250 to carry the Aurelio Lampredi-designed V12, which was originally designated for racing use and produced over 200 hp.

With its high-waisted, crisp lines and large oval grille, the elegant yet sporty 2+2 coupé is rightly regarded as a Pinin Farina classic. Compared to the second series 250 GT Europas, first series cars were produced in far fewer numbers and rode a longer 2,800 mm wheelbase, lending a sleek, elegant profile to the design. This award-winning example is certainly one of the most original Ferrari’s that we’ve ever offered and one of the finest Europas that we have seen. Totally unmolested, it has never been restored and has therefore preserved the inimitable qualities of originality that would have been lost in restoration and are so highly prized by collectors.

Part of the RM Auctions event in Arizona in January, 2009; Monoaco in May, 2012; Arizona in January, 2013.

Source: RM Auctions
Photo Credit: Copyright Derdehmel Fotografie; Jeff Creech

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