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From Toyota press: The new Camry has become more expressive and elegant exterior design, more comfortable and spacious interior, one of the best in class noise insulation and a unique set of multimedia equipment.

The car will be presented with a new 2.5-liter gasoline four-cylinder engine and an advanced 3.5-liter six-cylinder gasoline V-twin engine in five versions to choose from.

Sedan Camry, which was first released in 1982 and has now reached the 7th generation, has won numerous awards and is the flagship sedans produced by the company "Toyota". He is the leader in sales volumes in the segment of business-class sedans: to date has sold over 14 million vehicles of this model worldwide, making it the second most car companies selling model after the Toyota Corolla.

Camry has achieved worldwide recognition in the market for sedans in its class leading levels of quality, comfort, reliability and performance. In Ukraine, the new Camry in addition to improving these key attributes will have a different exterior and interior in comparison with the model, which will be presented to the American market. In her eloquent and elegant exterior design is the perfect accompaniment to the exquisite interior design, enhancing the feeling of luxury and prestige.

The new Camry was designed so that its owners could enjoy the highest level of comfort while in motion, resistance on the road, vibration control body, agile and responsive steering. The new 2.5-liter gasoline engine and an advanced 3.5-liter six-cylinder V-twin engine designed to work with 6-speed automatic transmission that combines enhanced performance and a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

Despite the fact that the wheelbase has not changed, the space for a back row has been optimized, mainly in the legs and over the head of passengers. The driver's seat provides optimal ergonomic, gear change and visibility. A high quality materials and finishes in the cabin provides comfort befitting a sedan in business class.

New comprehensive measures to combat noise, vibration, stiffness and subtle acoustic tuning shop makes the new Camry is very quiet. The new Toyota sedan is equipped with high-end systems to ensure comfort. Increased passenger comfort is provided by second-row heated seats, a separate control panels for sound system and climate system, and adjustable sun blinds: for side windows - with a mechanical drive, and for the rear window.

The new Camry buyers are also offered a unique range of multimedia equipment: touch screen Toyota Touch and new top-grade energy-saving speaker system with 10 speakers JBL.

The new Toyota Camry is equipped with most modern systems of active and passive safety. The car is equipped with nine airbags, including the first in its class side airbags for the rear seats, front seats that provide protection against whiplash in rear impacts, adaptive headlights system (AFS), parking assistant and rearview camera.

Toyota Camry Global