G-Power BMW 535d Sports Wagon

G-POWER, the guarantor for high-value BMW tuning for 3 decades, introduce their latest products at the Essen Motor Show. Inter alia the new wheel design "SILVERSTONE DIAMOND" skillfully unifying innovation with emotion. It is perfectly tailored to the current BMW automobiles.

To optimize one of the most successful models of the BMW history is a walk on tight rope. Already from factory, the balance between performance and every-day suitability is on highest level. G-POWER emphasizes the sporty attributes with series having proofed their loading capacity also in hard racing sport use already several times. Suspension adjustments being thoroughly worked out on race tracks, in connection with the G-POWER light-metal rims and racing brake systems, once again impressively raise the performance of the 5series BMW model. If Sedan, Sports Wagon or even the M5- the hidden potentials are professionally released by G-POWER.

The Sports Wagon presented at the Essen Motor Show documents the G-POWER know-how in the area of the safe diesel tuning! Should a BMW diesel be equipped with more performance in connection with consumption optimization, then we from G-POWER are the right partners. Our experience is based on absolute concentration to the brand of BMW since 1983. Here, we are the experts. From that also the safety plus in regards to everyday-suitability and durability of your tuned diesel engine. Based on the long-year experience in the area of engine tuning of the BMW petrol driven models, G-POWER made extraordinarily high demands G-POWER on performance upgrade of diesel engines. In order not to retrieve ourselves in a pot of the many, often unserious discounters. Developed was on the company-own performance test stand and testet was under most extreme conditions until optimum results had been achieved in all test lines. Thus – only – to develop a performance upgrade was not the intention of G-POWER. Target was the maintainace of the stability and economy of the engine by a dynamic performance regulation controlling all vital parameters. The result – our G-POWER D-Tronic III.

Less is not always more. Thus, G-POWER designers and technicians developed an aerodynamic package of a very special kind for the new 6series range – the line “G-POWER HIGHLINE”. The declared aim of the G-POWER "car fanatics“ was, not to simply deliver attachment parts, but to perfectionize the already gorgeous looking of the original. For a unique appearance of the elegant, the individual and incomparable automobiles on the stage. The aerodynamic kit comprises the bumpers, side skirts and the distinctive hatchback inset (Sports Wagon) characterizing the brand-unique G-POWER line. The parts are manufactured in the company-own subsidiary CFKtec in Brunsbüttel according to highest standards. For the production of the aerodynamic parts, G-POWER exclusively uses hybrid materials with carbon reinforcement- therefore a low weight and best durability are provided whilst the fitting accuracy complies with OEM quality. Even more upvalued by transparent-coated carbon front lip and rear diffusor attachment.

The new G-POWER wheel for the world of BMW. The “graphite” coated wheel star with brightly shining, “diamond-cut” front surfaces has a fascinatingly dynamic effect and is perfectingly harmonizing with the BMW outer colours.

The wheel builds up an extraordinarily high valuation even if one gets a glimpse of. Conveniently singling out from the mass every BMW equipped with it. The right wheel can provide every BMW with a completely new character. Who decides for the SILVERSTONE DIAMOND wheel coming from G-POWER acquires a timeless perfect masterpiece of latest technology. An impressive wheel with an entirely independent, absolutely new optic drop-centre design of "another kind“.

The G-POWER designers went in conformity with the demand "less is more“ by effectively, and at the same time simply but however emotionally, upvalueing the interior by the specially developed full-carbon equipment from dashboard, via steering wheel covering and handle bars, up to the centre console.

Source: G-Power press

G-Power BMW 535d Sports Wagon