Aston Martin DB6 Mark II Vantage

Just two years after the introduction of its DB5 model, Aston Martin unveiled the slightly larger and plusher DB6. The car was undeniably more practical and still quite potent while offering more comfort than its predecessor. Arriving in late-1965, the DB6 stretched the venerable Aston Martin chassis 3.75 inches as well as relocated the rear axle, with the entire amount given to additional rear seat space. At the front, the DB6 closely resembled the DB5, but from the cowl back, changes were more apparent. Its windshield was higher and more vertical, and the roofline was raised to provide more headroom. The tapered tail was gone, having given way to a modern, abrupt Kamm-style treatment similar to Ferraris of the era. Front-door quarter-windows returned along with an oil-cooler air scoop low on the nose and quarter-bumpers at each corner. Aston Martin produced a total of only 1,321 DB6 Coupés from 1965-1970.

This car was auctioned off by RM Auctions in October of 2010 at the Battersea Evolution, London.

325 bhp, 3,995 cc double overhead cam inline six-cylinder, ZF five-speed manual transmission, front suspension with upper and lower A-arms, coil springs and anti-roll bar, rear suspension with live axle, Watts linkage, radius rods, coil springs, Girling front and rear disc brakes. Wheelbase: 101.7"

Source: RM Auctions
Photo Credit: Copyright Simon Clay

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