Cobra Kia Sorento

From Cobra press: Maximum personalization with highest quality: Cobra Technology & Lifestyle now offers exclusive accessories for the recently launched third generation of the Kia Sorento.

The Cobra Technology & Lifestyle body components are more than just adornments, they also offer such innovative ideas as integrated daytime running lights, and protect the body of the Korean SUV against expensive repairs after minor collisions.

Cobra Technology & Lifestyle offers two possibilities of adding even more character to the front of the SUV: The Cobra Cityguard‚ front element from high-gloss stainless steel hugs the underside of the bumper. LED daytime running lights integrated into both sides of the 60- millimeter thick tube make the Kia Sorento stand out in traffic, thus increasing active safety.

For classic off-road looks Cobra Technology & Lifestyle has developed a stainless-steel front brush guard that meets strict EU guidelines for pedestrian protection. The accessory is made from stainless steel with a tube diameter of 60 millimeters. It is mounted flexibly and gives in a collision with a pedestrian. Custom-tailored high-gloss stainless-steel brackets allow the installation of auxiliary high beams on the guard.

Cobra Technology & Lifestyle stainless-steel rocker panel guards with integrated plastic running boards have a tube diameter of 80 millimeters and are as striking as they are practical. Cobra Technology & Lifestyle also offers running boards with ribbed stainless- steel surfaces. These accessories make getting in and out of the vehicle easier, and come in a ready-to-install set.

Black rub strips protect the doors against minor damages from carelessly opened doors or errant shopping carts. The self-adhesive rub strips come in a ready-to-install set.

Cobra Technology & Lifestyle upgrades the rear of the SUV with two 60-mm stainless- steel guards that attach at the right and left side of the rear bumper
The customized Cobra Technology & Lifestyle looks are rounded out with custom-tailored tire/wheel combinations. Various alloy wheels with diameters of 19 and 20 inches are available for the Kia Sorento. The largest version to fit in the wheel houses features Cobra TORINO 9Jx20 wheels. The five-spoke wheels are available painted silver or black. The most exclusive version of this wheel comes in black with high-gloss polished Inox elements on the spokes. The largest possible tires on front and rear axle are high-performance tires in size 265/45 R 20.

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