Cobra Smart Fortwo

From Cobra press: Chic and practical: Cobra Technology & Lifestyle upgrades the new smart fortwo with exclusive accessories.

The face of the new city speedster, cabriolet and coupe, receives added character with the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle front guard. The elastically mounted stainless-steel guard was developed not only with an eye on exciting looks but also on meeting the tough EU guidelines for pedestrian protection. After passing the required crash test the front guard was awarded the EG operating certificate. Buyers of the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle front guard thus save time and money because they do not have to take their vehicle in for a technical inspection with subsequent amendment of their vehicle registration papers. As an added benefit the front guard with its diameter of 42 millimeters protects important areas of the front apron against parking and maneuvering damage.

The front of the fortwo can be further refined with a bumper grille made from high-gloss stainless steel.

For the smart fortwo coupe Cobra Technology & Lifestyle has also developed rocker panel guards that improve the car’s looks and protect its sides. The ready-to-install set has a tube diameter of 48 millimeters.

The Cobra Technology & Lifestyle rear guard fits both body styles and offers the same type of protection as its counterpart in the front. The stainless-steel tubes of this part have a diameter of 42 millimeters.

Cobra Smart Fortwo