Cobra Nissan Murano

From Cobra press: The Nissan Murano starts with an updated design and numerous other modifications into the next phase of its career. The extensive COBRA N+ accessories program from Cobra Technology & Lifestyle offers owners of the facelifted SUV the opportunity to trim their cars to suit their very own tastes.

The elastically mounted COBRA N+ front guard offers classic off-road looks and meets the tough EG norm for pedestrian protection. The exclusive accessory features a tube diameter of 60 millimeters. It comes with an EG operating certificate and can be optionally equipped with auxiliary high-beam headlamps.

Another option for the refinement of the front of the five-door is the COBRA N+ CITYGUARD® guard that attaches to the underside of the front apron. Both versions can be combined with the high-gloss stainless-steel COBRA N+ bumper grille.

The sides of the Nissan can be upgraded with COBRA N+ rocker panel guards with integrated running boards. The stainless-steel tubular guards have a diameter of 80 millimeters and making getting in and out of the car easier. Self-adhesive COBRA N+ rub strips protect the doors better from damage caused by shopping carts or by opening the door.

For customizing the rear of the Murano the COBRA N+ team has developed sturdy stainless- steel protection elements made from stainless steel with a tube diameter of 48 millimeters. They are attached to the left and right side of the rear apron. The COBRA N+ chrome strip for the liftgate gives the new Nissan a wider appearance.

The standard roof rails of the Murano can be upgraded to a fully functional roof carrier system with lockable COBRA N+ cross rails.

The striking COBRA N+ appearance includes custom-tailored light-alloy wheels, available from Cobra Technology & Lifestyle with diameters of 18, 19 and 20 inches. Without fender flares Cobra Sahara multi-spoke wheels can be mounted in size 8Jx18 with the original tires and in size 8.5Jx20 with size 265/45 R 20 tires. Customer looking for a wheel with a diameter of 19 inches can choose from Cobra CN4 and CN12 wheels in sizes 8.5Jx19 and 8Jx19 with tires in size 255/50 R 19.

The COBRA N+ stainless-steel sport exhaust and its two large chrome-plated tips provides a sportier exhaust note and better looks while optimizing the performance potential of the V6 engine further.

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