Cobra Nissan Cube

From Cobra press: The mission of the COBRA N+ accessories program from Cobra Technology & Lifestyle is to make the unusual design of the Nissan CUBE even more striking and to add new exciting and more exclusive highlights.

The bullish face of the cleverly styled cube on wheels can be highlighted with two different COBRA N+ options. The COBRA N+ Cityguard® precisely follows the contour of the front bumper whose underside it attaches to. It protects the painted fascia against contact damage from hitting curbs or speed bumps.

The COBRA N+ front guard lends the CUBE true off-road looks for the asphalt jungle. The guard is manufactured from a high-gloss stainless-steel tube with a diameter of 48 millimeters. Its flexible mount allows it to give upon impact and thus to meet all European Union requirements for pedestrian protection in the obligatory crash tests. The COBRA N+ accessory comes with an EG operating certificate which eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming amendment of the CUBE owners’individual vehicle registration documents.

The COBRA N+ sill guards are as attractive as they are functional. Their sturdy construction from a 60-mm high-gloss stainless-steel tube protects the left and right sills while an integrated plastic step makes entering and exiting the vehicle easier.
To protect the sides of the Nissan CUBE against damage from carelessly opened doors or runaway shopping carts COBRA N+ offers self-adhesive rub strips made from black plastic for both sides of the vehicle.

The COBRA N+ sport exhaust with two chromed tailpipes is made from stainless steel. It adds a striking highlight to the rear appearance of the CUBE and gives all gasoline and diesel engines a more powerful exhaust note.

The COBRA N+ tire/wheel combinations are custom-tailored for all versions of the Nissan CUBE. Customers can choose from five different wheel designs in sizes ranging from 7.5Jx16 to 8Jx17. The most exclusive version features multi-piece Cobra Grenada II five- spoke wheels in size 8Jx17.

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