Cobra Citroen C-Crosser

From Cobra press: The new Citroen C-Crosser has arrived in the dealers’showrooms! For those owners of the French SUV, who desire maximum individuality down to the detail, Cobra Technology & Lifestyle now offers an extensive exclusive program.

To make the front of the newcomer look even more prominently, the renowned off road specialists from Cobra Technology & Lifestyle offer a high-gloss stainless steel front bar with 60 millimeters in tube diameter. Of course this accessory part meets all current EC guidelines for pedestrian protection. The part comes complete with an EC operation certificate, eliminating the need for a technical inspection and for amending the vehicle papers. In addition the front guard allows the fitting of additional high beams which are offered as a ready-to-install kit.

Alternatively the front section can be upgraded visually and functionally with the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle Cityguard® element made from high-polished stainless steel which is fixed on the lower side of the standard bumper.

In addition Cobra Technology & Lifestyle refines the face of the new Citroen C-Crosser with a custom-made stainless steel grille molding for the standard front bumper.
Equally practical and attractive are the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle sill tubes which make entering and exiting the car easier.

Self-adhesive Cobra Technology & Lifestyle rub strips protect all four doors against damage from shopping carts or opening doors.

The standard roof rails of the C-Crosser can be upgraded to a full-fledged roof carrier system with lockable Cobra Technology & Lifestyle cross rails.

Sporty engine sound and striking looks with one large oval chrome tailpipe are the main features of the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle stainless steel sport exhaust system which is offered in custom-made versions for the alternatively available gasoline and Diesel engines of the SUV from France.

Furthermore Cobra Technology & Lifestyle updates the new Citroen with attractive light alloy wheels in 16- or 17-inch diameter. The most exclusive version is the two-piece Cobra Grenada II 8Jx17 wheel with tires of the dimension 245/55 R 17.

Cobra Citroen C-Crosser