Vilner Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

Hush before the storm... Studio Vilner rushed into the vehicle world like a natural disaster once again. Three earthquake shocks shook the interiors of two Mercedes S63 AMG Facelifts and changed them beyond recognition. Studio Vilner again remained true to its plain style with specific outlining designer accents. For this development, the high quality materials Nappa and Alcantara are used. The seat design is also changed. The level of comfort is raised with the dressing of all factory-made plastic items in leather. The interiors’ individuality is emphasized by the different colors of the materials of both vehicles.

Studio Vilner’s fetish to the detail is once again noticed in the refined engraved accents on elements of the interior. The added fine leather lines on the dashboard underline its shapes.  The rear-view mirror is transformed in the Vilner’s style again, dressed in leather and Alcantara. In the one-color interior, mahogany elements are additionally varnished with black piano varnish, and one more project with white piano varnish is developed (who says lightning never strike twice?!). In its two-color opponent, the salon is softly reflected in the black piano varnish of the dashboard.

Source: Vilner press

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