Subaru LA Design Challenge Horizon

After 200 years since the rotation of the Earth has stopped, the Earth was split into two, distinctly different hemispheres, the Daysphere and the Nightsphere. Humans have been living in a highly developed civilization in the Nightsphere, away from the sun’s harmful electromagnetic waves. There is no sunlight, but they had electricity sourced from an innovative energy plant that powered the megacity. It seemed the technology driven human civilization was flourishing as always, but there was a threat slowly casting a shadow down upon them. The fuel of the power generation system, a rare crystallized mineral, was running out of energy.

The mineral is known to be found only in the pole of the Daysphere, a place from which no human has ever come back alive.

A team of 4, Alcyone- the driver, Maia- the navigator, Merope- the mechanic, and Pleiades- their magical cat, has been formed to venture to the other end of the world, tasked to bring back the crucial mineral. The Ultra Subaru HORIZON has been specially developed to take them on their journey. It is to withstand the strong electromagnetic field, chemical imbalances, scorching heat, and raging storms of the Daysphere. The skilled team is off to save their world in this action packed adventure! 

Source: LA Design Challenge

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Subaru LA Design Challenge Horizon