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Constant fluctuations in gas prices, the economic crisis, wars, omnipresent pollution, irreversible climate changes, the whittling down of resources… Our world is going through a period when the stakes in terms of energy form the very basis for universal chaos. 

It was within this unprecedented context that the Venturi Eclectic Concept Car was launched at the Paris Motor Show of 2006. 

Like the earlier presentation of the Fétish, Eclectic was a surprise, and caused a few smiles as well, before becoming a real icon.

Consecrated best innovation of the year after the I-phone by “Time Magazine” in the United States, the Venturi Eclectic Concept Car will remain the first energy-autonomous electric vehicle in the history of the automobile.

As a result of the considerable interest shown by the public in this model, we have had to adapt it to mass production. More compact, lighter, Eclectic has become a real urban car, ready to confront the important stakes that await it (see: “Markets targeted”).

Nevertheless, the Eclectic has retained its original philosophy: it is much more than a simple vehicle. A real production and storage plant for renewable energies, either solar or wind-based, it can also be recharged on any kind of socket on the electricity network thanks to its on-board charger.

“Beneath its appearance of a small, futuristic robot-car there hides the first energy-autonomous urban vehicle. 

What enables the Eclectic to move is all around it, free and in endless quantities. It simply has to deploy its wind turbine, expose its photovoltaic cells and, if necessary, find a simple electric socket.

It’s customary to “stylise” a car. The Eclectic gets its unique personality from an approach dedicated to design. Its form reflects its function. A compact silhouette, a smiling face and a keen gaze, the Eclectic was born for the city. 

Its driving position is unique: it is in the center of the passenger compartment. The feeling of safety and mastery of the vehicle’s external proportions are self-evident.

The elevated position of the seats enables the Eclectic’s three passengers to enjoy a high, panoramic view of their surroundings.”

Production will start in October 2009 in a brand new assembly plant based in France near the town of Sablé-sur-Sarthe. This plant, which will meet the highest environmental criteria, will make it possible in time to assemble up to 3,000 light vehicles per year.

Source: Venturi press

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