WaterCar Gator

From WaterCar press: The Gator Kit is designed to be an economical and easy to assemble amphibious vehicle. The key components that make this possible are a unique body/hull design from WaterCar - developed, tried, true, and tested. It is foam filled and virtually unsinkable.

All you need from WaterCar is a Gator Body and the Patented WaterCar Transmission, all other parts can be gathered from a Volkswagen donor car or bought right off the shelf from an aftermarket parts manufacturer.

The design of the Gator allows for many exterior components of a Jeep CJ8 to interchange with it. For example, roof, doors, windshield, headlights, seats, mirrors, and so on.

In addition, the very successful, Volkswagen rear engine assembly (the most used assembly for the past 40 years) bolts seamlessly to the patented WaterCar transmission gearbox. This allows for on-road drivability, on-water cruise-ability, and vice versa.

The fundamental concept for the Gator Kit is that it allows various factory components to be easily interchanged, depending on the look you want and bolted directly in place. The Gator is available in 12 standard gel coat colors and can be ordered with either left or right hand steering.

Although, the Gator is not designed as a high-speed planing vehicle (top water speed 8 mph), it is a very capable boat on the water and a quite capable on-and-off road vehicle. Over 10 inches of ground clearance and top speeds of 85 mph on the highway.

WaterCar Gator