Peugeot Quasar Concept

Quasar, constituting a real challenge to the imagination and an exercise in styling, proves that stylists and engineers can forget industrial constraints and surpass themselves in order to achieve full freedom of expression.

This coupe, which draws its inspiration from science fiction spacecraft, as suggested by the large dome for its passenger compartment, offers various surprises. Its four-cylinder twin-turbo engine allows it to develop 600 hp and torque of 50 mkg.

The Formula 1 suspension reflects the very low-slung body lines at the front and provides air passages at the rear.

The interior fittings and the colours forcefully enhance driving and leisure, wîth a futuristic approach: the passenger compartment has a dark blue finish wîth red leather. The design is more than just a dream, providing full electronics for complete day and night visibility: video screen warning messages, direction-finding on road maps and city maps, and videotex consultation. Converging sound and images are provided in an outstanding cabin. The onboard hi-fi and its audio and video tuners and equaliser offer limitless sensory possibilities.

Source: Peugeot press

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