Carlsson Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class

The aerodynamics package for the SLK, consisting of front spoiler and rear apron insert (for vehicles with AMG sports package, Code 950) emphasizes the sporty lines and ensures additional downforce on the rear axle. The new front spoiler lip RS brings the front look to a full circle. The electro-polished stainless steel grille inserts replace the standard plastic honeycomb in the front spoiler. The rear view is dominated by stainless steel sports rear silencer with two tailpipes on the left and right and in the typical oval-shaped Carlsson design. By optimizing the flow, Carlsson sound engineers have developed a sporty, powerful engine sound that effectively emphasizes the character of the SLK. The optional diffuser inserts and the stylish rear spoiler, the contact pressure onto the rear axle is increased even further.

Moreover, Carlsson draws on his many years of experience in the performance enhancement of engines and presents for the first time, the Carlsson C-Tronic for the current four-cylinder CGI engine generation. Additional control equipment ensures that the engine's performance is increased by 27 - 40 hp. The new C-Tronic mobilizes existing reserves of the unit and by connecting it to the vehicle electronics, guarantees that safety limits are always respected and the engine is exposed to excessive wear. This new generation of additional control equipment was developed during elaborate endurance tests. The automobile manufacturer protects this durability with its three-year factory warranty from the date of installation.

Thanks to the C-Tronic CB20, the SLK 200 CGI that uses a base power of 184 hp (135 kW), now achieves 211 hp (155 kW) or even 224 hp (165 kW) with the C-Tronic CB20S. The C-Tronic CB25 increases the standard 204 hp (150 kW) of the SLK 250 CGI to 231 hp (170 kW). The performance level of the CB25S is even increased to 239 hp (165 kW). The center of gravity may be lowered up to 30 mm, thus increasing the driving dynamics even further, without adversely affecting the driving comfort. Furthermore, the lowering kit in conjunction with wheels that measure up to 20 inches, bring the vehicle's image to a full circle.

The interior refinement of both models is the absolute climax: The automobile manufacturer Carlsson maintains its traditional craftsmanship using the finest materials such as leather, the finest Alcantara, carbon fiber, fine natural woods and various other exclusive natural materials. The choice of materials and superior execution attest to the uncompromising quality of the company-own upholstery department. The front seats, including the seats' back panels are reupholstered using Carlsson NAPPA EXCLUSIVE. In the CLS the backbench, as well as all two/four door panels received the same treatment. This vat-pigmented leather offers the feel of a fine leather glove and with a thickness of 1 to 1.4 mm is particularly resilient. Thanks to the sophisticated tanning process, the pores of the hide remain intact and thus prevent the effect known as heat accumulation. Even in the winter time, this natural material adapts immediately to the individual's body temperature.

Other high-quality components, such as velour floor mats with the Carlsson logo, scuff plates with blue illuminated Carlsson logo and polished aluminium door locking pins finish off the vehicle's interior.

In general, the sky is the limit when it comes to the wealth of variety available for the interior: The fine leather work ranges from various forms and types of perforation to the individual coloring of the hides to combinations of different materials like leather and Alcantara with matching stitching and decorative piping.

Source: Carlsson press

Carlsson Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class