Rolls-Royce Phantom II LWB Open Tourer

Rolls-Royce produced the Phantom II from 1929 to 1935. The engine was improved over its predecessor’s, though Rolls-Royce never found it necessary to publish horsepower figures. After all, this was a Rolls-Royce, and one didn’t need to question its power. It was assumed to be more than adequate. With a cross-flow cylinder head, separate inlet ports, improved exhaust manifold and higher compression, another 20 hp was realized with the Phantom II. The clutch housing and gearbox were built in unit with the engine, and new to the chassis was Hotchkiss drive to a hypoid rear axle which allowed a lower floor line. As introduced, the Phantom II was remarkably fast for its size and an exceptionally good car, yet Rolls-Royce sought continual improvement with more than sixty running changes made to its specifications. A total of 1,767 were produced during the model run.

This car was auctioned off by RM Auctions in October of 2010 at the Battersea Evolution, London.

40/50 hp, 7,668 cc overhead valve, aluminium head inline six-cylinder engine, four-speed manual transmission, four-wheel mechanical drum brakes with servo assist, front and rear semi-elliptical suspension. Wheelbase: 150"

Source: RM Auctions

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