Geely Aeolus Concept by Yuhan Zhang

This concept of the Aeolus Concept was supervised by Chengdu Gaoyuan Automobile Industry Co.Ltd, a branch of Geely. With an insight for an aggressive future city lifestyle, Aeolus will be promulgated as a lightweight urban mini-crossover electric vehicle capable of transporting three people for up to 120 km.

The aim of this project was to design a new energy vehicle suitable for shrinking city space with an affordable price, that is, with an economical and feasible configuration. After interviewing a range of potential customers (aged 20-40) and considering the needs of young generation of users, Yuhan Zhang decided this car should be sporty and aggressive as a current and future needs of urban mobility concept.

Inspired by great nature creator, this concept combines senses of wildness, muscular power, aggressive expression with a modern car styling method. In the design process, Yuhan Zhang tried to avoid similarity of any existing brand style and seek a new possibility of Geely’s characteristics identification.

In theory, the hybrid pneumatic engine was chosen because Hybrid pneumatic vehicles are expected to be much cheaper than hybrid electric vehicles since no batteries or electric motors are needed. Although it’s a typical Rear—engine Rear—drive system, the vehicle has two front wheel hub electric engines to achieve All Wheel Drive system.

While the technology is not as mature as lithium-ion battery technology, full electric edition of Aeolus is expected to be promulgated in markets instead of pneumatic edition.

The hybrid pneumatic engine concept intro: The basic idea of pneumatic hybridization is to use an internal combustion engine not only for combustion but also for a pump and a pneumatic motor. Each cylinder of the combustion engine is connected via a fully variable charge valve to a shared air pressure tank. 

In vehicle braking phases with fuel cut-off, the engine can intake air and pump it into the pressure tank. The pressurized air can then be used for starting or driving the vehicles.

Shifting the operation point of the engine is also possible, using at least one cylinder in a conventional combustion manner and using another cylinder to pump air into the pressure tank. The pressurized air can also be used to boost the conventional combustion mode.

Based on the ergonomic method, Aeolus’s dimension is designed as long as 3100mm. It features reverse opening doors for the convenience of get on/off aboard for all passengers.

Besides being very minitype and lightweight, Aeolus is able to carry up to 3 people. As for electric edition, Aeolus has a spacious cockpit and front baggage compartment. Aeolus uses a tubular chassis and the body is made up of carbon fiber to save the weight. Lithium-ion battery packs located behind the rear seats supply energy to the rear electric motors. The volume of batteries can last as long as 120km/75mi and charging needs 4-8hrs. The top speed can reach 90 kph/54mph.

Source: Yuhan Zhang

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