DMC Lamborghini Gallardo Ski Transporter

German luxury tuner DMC celebrates the official premier of Jon Olsson's Gallardo "Ski Transporter"

When it comes to Lamborghini Tuning, nobody is currently more aggressive than DMC's engineers. What example could be better to showcase their crazy work than Jon Olsson's latest "Ski Transporter". The German team worked closely with Jon to transform his Gallardo from concept to reality. The result is an awesome and unique body kit that is going to wow everybody - guaranteed.

Jon Olsson is a famous winter-sport artist from Sweden that has become famous in the automobile world because of his LP670 SuperVeloce. He transformed his LP670 into a never-before-seen car by adding a ski-box on top of the limited edition Murcielago. The ski box, a rather useful and efficient tool, on top of a sports car that is all about passion, could there be more contrast? When Jon sold it and ordered his new Aventador, he was faced with a dilemma: the waiting times on the latest bull from Sant'Agata turned out longer than widely expected – that’s when the idea for the Gallardo "Ski Transporter" was born.

Taking a basic Gallardo of the first generation as a base car, DMC brought in their GT3 front and added a fresh new look to the exotic. The front diffuser not only makes the front more aggressive, but also helps by adding downforce to the front-axle. Naturally the components are made of Carbon Fiber, DMC's favorite material.

The rear of the car was transformed by using OEM components: A brand new rear-deck lid, new lights with LED elements and a new bumper made the look complete, as well as the brand new rear diffuser.

"Here's to the crazy ones", and when DMC teams up with Jon Olsson you can expect more than the regular. One item actually not shown off so far is the SV wing, which Jon loved so much from his original LP670. He had DMC reproduce the SV wing with feets that could be mounted on the regular Gallardo. 

To complete the optical package, the Gallardo was wrapped in camouflage design, making the overall special look blend in with the rest of the components.

DMC’s “Ski Transporter” can be seen in a variety of places that Jon plans to visit.

Source: DMC press

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