Ferrari Celeritas Concept by Aldo Schurmann

“Celeritas is a Latin word, translated as "swiftness" or "speed." It is often given as the origin of the symbol c, the universal notation for the speed of light in a vacuum, as popularized in Albert Einstein's famous equation E = mc²”

Ferrari as we all know, started as a purebred racing machine, focused on the development of speed control and overall a better racing machine, however through time Ferrari not only became the worlds most famous racing machine, but it also appealed to the rich and famous, becoming more than a car, Ferrari became a way of life, a dream for the mortals, but never leaving behind his racing legacy.

What New York reporter Igor Cassini once called the Jet Set inspires the Ferrari Celeritas - a car that will be driven by just a few but desired by everyone, a car that has no purpose other than achieving outrageous speeds, control and most of all raise the heart beat of everyone that happens to be around.

A car that enthusiast will take to the track on a sunny day, and will drive back home at night, a car that will be used to commute from Beverly Hills to Las Vegas or from Nice to Monaco, a car that will devour thousands and thousands of miles on the road faster more efficient and looking better than any other, a car that will be taken by its owners on a Saturday morning to Laguna Seca, Monza or the Nürburgring, and brake lap records, performing better than any other while giving its owner the most exhilarating experience of them all. But by night The Ferrari Celeritas will take its owner to the red carpet at Cannes or to have dinner at Maxims in Paris, or to a Tiffany & Co boutique in Beverly Hills, or just enjoying the sunset on the curvy roads of Los Cabos.

The Ferrari Celeritas is also inspired by two very different creatures, the Horse that once was the most commonly used transport, but when the automobile emerged there was no room left for the horse, and now a horse is a luxury that very few are lucky to ride, cause while a car is faster more efficient and over all a better transport a good horse will cost twice the price of the most expensive car, cause no matter what, a car will never be as classy and elegant as a horse. The other creature is the shark whale that just like Ferrari, is the biggest fish in the sea, they are very rare but they are as beautiful as efficient.

Inspired by this creature’s skin the Ferrari Celeritas body is made out of a shark skin like material to improve aerodynamics.

At the back the Celeritas has two big spoilers that move independently to improve down force when needed and more brake power.  Following inspiration from older F1 Ferrari models, the Celeritas has a very very low profile, and very big wheels giving the impression that the car is very long, but is actually not Longer or wider than a Ferrari enzo.

The interior of the car is very minimal, very driving oriented, you have what you need.  The driving position is as close as it gets to an F1 Car with the driver being in an almost lying down position.

Sports cars are all about dreams, eccentricity, insanity, challenges, taking risks and pushing boundaries, cause while a good old Fiat panda is what we need, it is a super car what we dream about.

Source: Aldo Schurmann

Ferrari Celeritas Concept by Aldo Schurmann