Mercedes-Benz 120 Racing Car

From Mercedes-Benz press: The nominal output of this racing car was 100 hp. But after the first test trials its output was increased from 100 to 125 hp by a speed increase, so that the nominal output of the car was eventually 120 hp. The 120 hp Mercedes racing car of 1906 was fitted with the first six-cylinder car engine which Maybach ever designed. Maybach had reluctantly set to work on this six-cylinder design, but was finally forced to do so by the success of the Napier racing cars. On 13 August 1906, Otto Salzer won the 5th Ardennes race in the 120 hp racing car. Maybach constructed two versions of the 120 hp six-cylinder racing car which differ mainly in their ignition systems. The two engines No. 8120 and 8121 were fitted with a double plug ignition, whereas the engine No. 8122 was fitted with a make-and-break ignition. It was intended to use these engines in the 1906 Grand Prix, but due to insufficient testing, they were replaced by four-cylinder engines. A dispute arose about the ignition type - Maybach preferred the plug ignition, whereas Emil Jellinek, who ordered the engine, wanted a make-and-break ignition -, and this dispute finally caused Maybach to leave the company.

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