Auburn 8-125 A Deluxe Sedan

The Auburn Model 8-125 Sedan offered here is one of significant historic note as it was purchased new in 1929 by film star Mr. George Raft. After a rough and tumble upbringing in New York, Raft migrated to Hollywood where he found success as an actor, starring in his first movie in 1929. Raft went on to star in over 25 films throughout his long career, including such hits as Scarface, Taxi, Bolero, Rumba, Souls at Sea, Each Dawn I Die, They Drive by Night, Around the World in 80 Days and Some Like it Hot.

Raft was supposedly involved in a myriad of projects and business ventures, including some with unavoidable mob connections such as a casino in Havana, Cuba and a high-end gambling club in England. He enjoyed a successful movie career for over two decades and is credited by many as the actor most responsible for shaping the 1930s gangster image, portraying mobsters as likeable characters with good looks, ambitions and convictions.

In a letter he typed to one of the car’s former owners, dated from June of 1970, he shared some of his fond memories and thoughts on the car. The following is a short excerpt from that letter:

“I bought the car new in 1929, here in Los Angeles. I was always very fond of it because it was my first new car. Later, when I got a new Cadillac I refused to turn in the Auburn because I was attached to it. Back in those days I used to loan it out to several of my friends. Around 1935, I put it into storage and kept it there until I sold it in 1954/55.”

Mr. Raft believed he sold the car to a man from Downey, California, which most likely occurred in 1954. Eventually, the Auburn, still in original and unrestored condition, ended up in the possession of a Mr. Pettit, to whom the previously quoted letter was written. Following Mr. Raft’s passing in 1980, the car was bought by noted collectors Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kughn in September 1984.

When the Kughns purchased the car, it was still in absolutely stunning and unbelievably original condition. In fact, so much so that in 1981 the Auburn was awarded the “Best Unrestored Example” at a Veteran Motor Car Club of America meet in 1981. After purchasing the Auburn, the Kughn's enjoyed the car in its original condition and then opted to restore it to concours standards. We understand that this is also one of only five others like it in existence from 1930, with only two actually registered in the Classic Car Club of America’s directory.

It is a handsome example that is finished elegantly in black with blue belting and cream pinstriping, with color matched cream wire wheels and a beautifully upholstered gray cloth interior that is indicative of its elegance and unparalleled comfort. The brightwork is nearly flawless, while the underbody, engine and compartment are also equally clean and tidy. Records also indicate that the Auburn, which is ACD Level One Certified, retains all of the original mechanical and drivetrain components including engine, frame, drivetrain, suspension and running gear. It is a wonderful example of a comfortable and useable Full Classic that is perfect for an old movie fan, discerning Auburn collector or someone looking to join in on the Classic Car Club of America events and tours throughout the country.

This car was auctioned off by RM Auctions in January of 2010 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, Phoenix, Arizona.

100 bhp, 268 cu. in. inline side valve eight cylinder Lycoming engine with three-speed transmission, freewheeling, leaf spring front suspension with live axle, leaf spring rear suspension with two speed Columbia live rear axle, four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 127"

Source: RM Auctions

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