Scion iQ Pit Boss Cartel SEMA

Inspiration of project Pit Boss comes from the love for motorsports. The Cartel name and brand has been around a race track for the last 15 years. Cartel knows what it takes to make that job on pit row a success. Each time Cartel starts a project from start to finish, no one major factor ever gets the team down and design changes on a daily basis. With that said, what one envisions in his or hear mind sometimes just doesn’t look right and you have to move on to plan B.

Major highlights that make this build unique is its functions are programmed through Red Eye Automation and the driver has full control over an iPad. The car is also a WiFi hot-sport by utilizing an AutoNet Mobile Device. The builds always focus on the latest technology and maximum brand visibility. This style build makes for a great display car for interaction with its target consumers and end-users.

2011 Cartel build team: Jeremy Lookofsky (Cartel King), Pauly Rivera, Josh Villepigue and Abraham Rodriquez

Source: Scion press

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Scion iQ Pit Boss Cartel SEMA