Exagon Furtive-eGT

The Automobile is certainly one of the most beautiful examples of the inventiveness of man and his mastery of technology. Just one century ago, the Automobile was taking its first steps. How far it has come, and how many innovations we have seen!

Exagon Engineering for many years has been involved in various championships and in particular in the first, unique series of automotive competitions in the world reserved for electric vehicles, the “Andros Electric Trophy.”

With unquestionable expertise in hand, Exagon MotorsTM and its partners SIEMENS, SAFT and MICHELIN, without whom this adventure would not have been possible, have decided to go farther, creating a luxury electric GT automobile, on the cutting edge of technological innovation.

An exceptional, sporty electric, that delivers unparalleled driving experience and sensation; an electric GT automobile that reconciles performance and the environment, capable of comfortably travelling from Paris to Nice, or attacking a race course, getting back in touch with the “French spirit” of the luxury automobile, as modern as it is timeless, as rare as it is desirable... This high-end, new class electric GT automobile exists. Its name is the Furtive-eGT. It is an exclusive signature creation of Exagon MotorsTM.

More than a supercar, the Furtive-eGT is the product of a new approach to Grand Touring, a unique experience of the road, of an exclusive perception of sport driving married with comfort.

The electrical drive achieves unequalled sensations, in particular based on the immediate availability of torque. With a constant 480 N.m of torque from 0 to 5,000 rpm, the Furtive-eGT delivers phenomenal acceleration, from 0 to 100 km/hr. in 3,5 sec., and it reaches 287 km/hr., limited electronically to 250 km/hr. The silence that accompanies this performance, punctuated only with a breath of air, accentuates the sensation.

Designed by Exagon MotorsTM, the Furtive-eGT claims timeless classical beauty, a “French spirit” of the luxury automobile, far from casual trends and fashion. Measuring 4.50 m in length, with very short front and rear cantilevers, the design is at the same time classically elegant and dynamic, while favoring aerodynamics. Pure, sensual, with finesse and style, the Furtive-eGT distinguishes itself by its unique signature elements, such as the double boss of the roof, the signature luminosity of the headlights, or even its rear pillar not integrated on the car shape.

The design of the Furtive-eGT is the synthesis of French cultural tradition, the sacred union of harmony, grace and sportiness. This archetype of the luxury vehicle harkens back to the spirit of the French automobile at its apogee in the middle of the 20th century, which illustrates that the only viable modernity is rooted in tradition.

The Furtive-eGT is a full entry into the era of the digital automobile, but it is also part of the great tradition of exceptional GTs. A long-distance traveler, it is truly a 2+2 that comfortably accommodates 4 passengers and their luggage with a spacious, refined interior with high-end finishing touches. The Furtive-eGT claims polyvalence, capable of joining the behavior and performance of a first-class sporty automobile with the comfort of a touring car. The design of the Furtive-eGT was formed around this new power source, in order to house an electrical drive train.

The carbon-aluminum chassis was developed to offer the best distribution of weight and a very low centre of gravity, with the batteries integrated into a structural floor that gives the Furtive-eGT extraordinary frame stiffness. This architecture ensures exceptional road handling.

The Furtive-eGT will be the first electric car equipped with a revolutionary sound system, the Hopman Sound TransferTM system. This system transforms various materials that are part of the car into speakers. It transmits vibratory energy into the material, in order to be reconstituted as acoustic energy. The patented Hopman Sound TransferTM technology restores a harmonious sound quality, without the encumbrance of a traditional housing. The stereo point is therefore expanded to comprise the entire volume of the cockpit.

The Hopman Sound TransferTM system is considered a housing and functions in the same manner. It connects to the “speaker” outputs of any amplifier and also disseminates all known types of acoustic sources.

Range covered in 100% electric mode (without range extender):
Range at 50 km/hr.: 402km
Range at 90 km/hr.: 288km
Range at 110 km/hr.: 241km
Range at 130 km/hr.: 198 km
In urban mode (Standard ECE15): 307km
In highway mode (Standard EUDC): 260kim
In hybrid mode: 280km

The Furtive-eGT may also be equipped with a range extender, known by the English term “range extender.” This is a small, low-capacity combustion engine that recharges the batteries when they reach their minimum threshold. This engine does not drive the wheels, it acts only as a generator. It therefore has very low consumption, since it is optimized for steady state conditions. The range extender increases the total range of the Furtive-eGT to 807 km with 25 L of fuel in an ECE15 standardized mode, or 734 km with 25 L of fuel in hybrid mode.

Source: Exagon press

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