Pontiac Twin Turbo Firebird

During the Land Speed Trials on August 18, the Kugel & LeFevers 1992 Pontiac Firebird ran an average speed of 301.709 mph in the fifth mile of the race course with an exit speed topping out at 307.468 mph. In order to secure the new record, the Kugel & LeFevers team would have to return the following day and run an average speed great enough in the fifth mile of the course so that their two averages would give them a mean number above the 300 mph barrier.

"What makes it so tough to do at Bonneville is the fact that anything can happen from one day to the next," said Jerry Kugel. "We ran great on the first day, but who was to say that conditions wouldn’t change to where we would lose a decent shot at the record. The weather could be different, there could be a strong head wind, or the course could change, you just never know."

On Thursday, August 19, the weather and track surface conditions at Bonneville cooperated. The Kugel-LeFevers entry ran an average speed of 299.866 mph for a two-day combined average of 300.788 mph, making their 1992 Pontiac Firebird the first production-based stock automobile to break the 300 mph speed barrier. It was an emotional triumph for the La Habra Calif., Kugel family and their partner Mike LeFevers.

Source: PontiacRacing.com, 1999

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