Suzuki Covie Prototype

From Suzuki press: Suzuki Motor Corporation has been engaging in various tasks to apply a wide range of innovative technologies to compact vehicles as a part of our strategy of challenging new activities focused on preserving the global environment.

'Today, we are pleased to introduce one of our ecological proposals — a new compact EV (Electric Vehicle), the 'Covie'. Full of fun ideas and utilities, the 'Covie' focuses on the active link wîth Information Technologies that will be established for household and electric appliances in the future.'

The 'Covie' is a short-distance transportation vehicle intended for daily use, targeting global markets. It has been developed wîth a minimum-sized body that still accommodates two adults comfortably. The charging system of the 'Covie' is the 'Home Fuel Cell Generating System' developed by General Motors Corporation. The system generates power by separating hydrogen from natural gas supplied to individual households. Suzuki believes that the combination of EV and this 'Home Fuel Cell Generating System' will offer the most efficient solution at present for a compact short-distance transportation vehicle. We are pleased to present the 'Covie' as a new approach to incorporate environmentally friendly fuel cell technology into automobiles. Suzuki is determined to proceed step by step to explore the full potential and various possibilities of compact vehicles, utilizing original and flexible approaches.


• An innovative and original idea to combine an electric vehicle and a home fuel cell generating system.

• Suzuki's compact EV unit has been configured for minimal mechanical space and comfortable cabin space at the same time, which is also useful in developing future fuel cell vehicles.

• The 'Covie Advanced Navigation System' can serve as the information link between individuals, households and automobiles, incorporating the advanced Information Technologies of the 21st century for households, electrical appliances, and mobile communication tools.

• A large trunk box or special golf bag attachments to the rear luggage deck, which offers the utility required for various customers' needs.

• Mono-form body design which can maximize the cabin space toward the front.

Suzuki Covie Prototype