Pontiac Grand Prix NHRA Pace Car

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix NHRA Pace Car (Sixth Generation: 1997-2003)

OnStar, formerly unavailable on the Grand Prix, was made standard on GTP, optional only on GT. The SE got revised frontal styling in the form of the GT and GTP front bumper cover in place of the older SE, unique front facia, standard rear spoiler, and in-trunk emergency release; dual-zone manual climate-control was standard on GTP in place of the electronic automatic unit previously offered.

A Special Edition Package was added this year that could be applied to the GT and GTP models. This package adds the NASCAR-inspired rear spoiler and roof fences, hood-mounted heat extractors, and polished dual-outlet exhaust tips previously offered on the 2000 Pace Car Replica and also adds a two tone interior, 15-spoke chrome wheels, and the requisite badging.

Source: Wikipedia, 2011

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Pontiac Grand Prix NHRA Pace Car