Pontiac Rev Concept

From GM press: 2001 Pontiac REV: Excitement with a Mission

Take a “rally” sports coupe, mix in the versatility to carry friends and cargo and you arrive at the Pontiac REV – a bold, athletic concept with a go-anywhere attitude.

The REV is as capable and surefooted on smooth, twisty pavement as it is on the dirt trail headed to a favorite getaway. All-wheel-drive and on-the-fly adjustable suspension give it traction on all sorts of surfaces.

Under the front hinged clamshell hood sits a transverse mounted new high-feature, 3.0-liter, 245 horsepower OHC V6. The electronic sequential manual transmission with automatic mode smoothly shifts through five speeds via an with a sequential “joystick” operated by wire. “It’s almost like a video game,” Zak said.

The adjustable suspension has two settings, low and high. When the going gets rough, the car can be raised two inches. Wide 19-inch wheels in front and 1920-inchers in the rear expose large ventilated disc brakes and high performance calipers.

To achieve compact cat-eye-like headlights, the light sources are placed in a 90-degree angle in the engine compartment. The light beams are reflected outward by mirrors, which respond to steering inputs and thus provide optimal light on the road even in turns. Additional “off-road-lights” are positioned on the front of the aerodynamic outside rear view mirror housings.

The engine revs up with a push of the red start button, once the driver has identified himself via a coded mini chip-card. In the center console, a detachable, combined GPS-navigation, cell-phone, two-way radio with integrated Internet access from Motorola keeps the driver on top of things on and off the road as well as in business.

On a three-screen re-configurable LCD display the driver selects with a simple toggling action which data is on the center screen, for example speedometer, rev-counter or GPS, and which data is relegated to the side panels. The displays are round and look like traditional instruments, but can display vastly more information.

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