Honda FCX

From Honda press: The FCX-V4 hosts improvements in driving performance, maximum speed, acceleration and driving distance compared to the earlier FCX-V3 model. Honda's FCX-V4 combines an advanced fuel cell power system with a compact electric drive motor, integrated control systems, and a cabin large enough to seat four people and hold cargo. The FCX-V4 features improved range and quieter operation than previous fuel cell models for improved viability towards a commercial product.

All components of the fuel cell unit have been newly designed, achieving a more compact and efficient package. There are now two hydrogen fuel tanks, which have been moved from the trunk to under the passenger cabin floor, providing for additional storage volume and cargo space, and contributing to a nearly 70 percent increase in cruising range, increasing it from 110 miles to more than 185 miles.

The FCX-V4 powerplant features an advanced fuel cell stack and Honda-developed ultra-capacitor. The FCX achieves a top speed of 87 mph with an electric motor that has a maximum power output of 80 horsepower (60kW) and 176 lb.-ft.of torque (238Nm). Responsive takeoff and acceleration are achieved through the combination of a high-output fuel cell stack with the powerful instantaneous discharge capabilities of the ultra-capacitor. The ultra-capacitor also contributes to high fuel efficiency as it regenerates energy normally lost during braking.

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