Chevrolet Impala SS

From GM press: Chevrolet closed out its rear-wheel-drive, full-size sedan lineage in fine style with the 1994-96 Impala SS. The cars offered impressive performance – their 260-hp 5.7L LT1 Corvette small-block V-8 engine could propel the 4,200-pound. cruisers to more than 90 mph in a quarter mile. A sport-tuned suspension, extra-powerful four-wheel disc brakes, and wide 17-inch tires on special aluminum wheels, were also standard. Exterior moldings matched the body color – black-only in 1994, with dark cherry metallic and dark grey-green also offered during 1995 and 1996. Inside, leather seating surfaces and a leather-covered steering wheel exuded luxury. Originally delivered to a collector, the last 1996 Impala SS built now resides at the GM Heritage Center.

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