Genty Akylone

Tribute to the beauty and performance, AKYLONE is the ultimate expression of pleasure and passion for cars. With its harmonious lines enhanced by exceptional finish, she poses as heiress of the values ​​of prestige craft in France.

AKYLONE represents the subtle alchemy between uncompromised performance and emotion that can generate a true work of art. Only fifteen units will be produced.

The desire to create a high performance vehicle that comes back to the basics of driving pleasure (high power and minimal weight) was born on AKYLONE project, there is a little over 4 years. Period in which designers, engineers and technicians have created a successful and mature product, borrowing a strong identity, able to seduce the customer the most passionate and most demanding.

Akylone is the result of unique technical expertise combined with the most advanced materials. Its power to weight ratio has never been reached by a vehicle of that class.

Performance, agility, finesse aerodynamics, the versatility of its chassis on road and track will undoubtedly AKYLONE of a new reference.

Source: Genty-Automobile

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