Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1

From GM press: Chevy thunder rolled across Europe in 1989 when 24 pre-production ZR-1 Corvettes arrived on the Continent for a press tour in the south of France. The ZR-1, also known as the “King of the Hill” Corvette, was powered by a technically advanced 32-valve, 4-cam, 350 cid V8, developed with Group Lotus of England. Although quite tractable at low speeds, the engine – coded LT5 – had breathtaking performance right to the red line. Engine supply delays pushed the official ZR-1 introduction into the 1990 model year. The GM Heritage Center has two of the 84 ZR-1s built as 1989 models in its collection. In 2009, Chevrolet resurrected the ZR1 designation (sans hyphen) for a new supercharged Corvette model that surpasses the 1990-1995 ZR-1 in performance.

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