Carlsson CGL45 Mercedes Benz GL Grand Edition

The refined Carlsson CGL45 combines a self-confident aerodynamics package with a powerful engine and agile cornering with exquisite luxury in the vehicle interior.

The new aerodynamics package for the special edition Mercedes-Benz GL Grand Edition, honed to perfection in the wind tunnel, allows the Carlsson CGL45 to express its characteristic style. The widened wheel arches emphasize its markedly sporty presence. The front spoiler and the chrome-finished radiator grille with the leaping Carlsson horse underline its dominating presence. The LED daytime running lights in the front spoiler lip cleverly round off the Carlsson CGL45 lighting concept – these can equally be used as position lights at night. The rear view is defined by the new rear skirt which leaves room for the four oval stainless steel exhaust pipes on the sports rear silencer. All Carlsson accessories are manufactured of high quality PUR-Rim and impress users with their fitting accuracy and paintability.

For more performance Carlsson offers the C-Tronic® DIESEL POWER unit. Thus the-litre V6 increases its performance from 265 hp (195 kW) by more three than 15 per cent to 310 hp (228 kW). The maximum torque now reaches not 620 but 700 Newton metres. Thanks to the integration in the on-board network, the vehicle and the C-Tronic®-control devices constantly exchange data on all important parameters which guarantees that all maximum permitted values relevant to safety are complied with. The C-Tronic® switches itself off as soon as temperature, exhaust gases or quietness are impaired. All parameters are compared countless times in just milliseconds with specified actual values to ensure long-term driving pleasure without increasing wear. Carlsson also offers self-developed performance packages for further six- and eight-cylinder engines. The V8 engine of the top model based on the GL 500 reaches 435 hp (320 kW) with a maximum torque of 600 Newton metres.

Besides the increased performance, Carlsson also improves the maneuverability of this large SUV with the intelligent lowering C-Tronic® SUSPENSION. This lowers the vehicle by 30 millimeters and thus achieves a lower centre of gravity while also reducing rolling and pitching. In addition, thanks to being connected to the basic vehicle's data communication system, the C-Tronic® recognizes the road surface condition and adjusts residual spring travel in milliseconds to suit. This way the intelligent lowering assures both sporty cornering, as well as optimum driving comfort on bad roads.

The 22-inch wheelset 1/5 Evo Brilliant Edition was specially developed for the GL. The one-piece light alloy wheels impress not only with their high load capacity and low weight but also elegant design. This way a wheel has been created which promotes liveliness with a minimum of unsprung mass, but all the same offers the highest level of stability and at the same time, with its five spokes and groove, manages to radiate elegance. The light alloy wheels are shod with Vredestein high-performance 305/35 ZR22 tires.

In the Carlsson CGL45 interior there are no limits on individuality. Door sills with illuminated Carlsson lettering, embossed Carlsson logos on the headrests, double-sewn quilted upholstery, highest-quality Carlsson nappa leather, also Alcantara, wood and stainless steel can be processed just as customers wish using traditional crafting methods at Gut Wiesenhof. Even the basic model, the Carlsson CGL45, is fitted with sills with illuminated Carlsson lettering, embossed Carlsson logo in the headrests, Carlsson door pins, as well as aluminium pedals complete with footrest. In addition each vehicle is equipped with a signed plaque in the central console with a consecutive serial number.

As a result, from the large Mercedes-Benz GL, a unique vehicle is created at Gut Wiesenhof. More powerful, more dynamic and more luxurious, the Carlsson CGL45 makes a statement of self-confident individuality.

Source: Carlsson press

Carlsson CGL45 Mercedes Benz GL Grand Edition