BMW M3 Ken Done Art Car

BMW Art Cars have become a tradition in BMW’s history, featuring multiple artists creating impressive masterpieces on M3 variants. The 1989 BMW M3 Art Car was created by Australian artist Ken Done, using bright colors and powerful brush strokes to symbolize modern Australia with its sunny beaches, semi-tropical landscapes, and beautiful weather. Ken embodied all of those impressions of life and joy in the BMW Art Car 8.


The bodywork is emblazoned with an abstract portrayal of parrots and parrot fish. When asked what these animals symbolize, Ken explained that, “both are beautiful and move at fantastic speeds. I wanted to express this with the BMW M3 Art Car.” Because this art car is based on the M3 Race Car, many of the exterior features are track focused. Aerodynamic mirrors and a rear deck spoiler help make this M3 more aerodynamic and make more down force at speeds. At the rear, two center exhausts between the taillights separate this BMW M3 from the street version. Ken’s artwork covers the entire exterior of the car.


Inside the cabin, many of the luxuries have been removed in order to save weight, including the radio, rear seats and passenger seat, door panels, air conditioning, and most other amenities. A full roll cage was installed in order to protect the driver if the car were to flip or roll over. A racing steering wheel designed my Momo replaces the stock wheel and extra gauges were installed. A fire extinguisher on the passenger side floor ensures that if anything happens, the driver will be prepared.


A 4-cylinder inline engine with a displacement of 2,332 cc produces 300 horsepower. The 1989 BMW M3 Art Car by Ken Done could hit 60 mph in just 6.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 140 mph. The engine features a twin-cam four-valve head with Bosch fuel-injectors.


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