Smart Fortwo Micro Hybrid Drive

From Smart press: smart will be launching an exclusive special model to mark the production start of the new smart fortwo micro hybrid drive (mhd). Its tridion safety cell gleams in silver, the bodypanels shine in brilliant crystal white and the charming two-seater zips along on stylish nine-spoke alloy wheels. Equipped with the new start/stop function, the new model consumes 8 percent less fuel in the combined cycle, and 19 percent less fuel in urban traffic. Like the other smart fortwo micro hybrid drive models, the exclusive edition can be ordered now.

The new edition smart fortwo mhd is based on the pure coupé equipment variant with a 52 kW/71 bhp engine. Several exclusive features make the edition smart fortwo micro hybrid drive a real eye-catcher: the exclusive silver tridion safety cell combined with crystal white bodypanels give it a fascinating, fresh look. Like the tridion safety cell, the door mirror caps and the radiator grille are also finished in silver and contribute to the attractive appearance. 15 inch alloy wheels with a nine-spoke design and tyres measuring 155/65 R 15 at the front and 175/60 R 15 at the rear give the exterior a stylish finish. 
Micro hybrid drive: Why use petrol when you are not driving?

The exclusive variant of the new smart fortwo micro hybrid drive (mhd) demonstrates that clever technical concepts enable smart solutions to be developed that make driving even more pleasant, comfortable and environmentally friendly. The micro hybrid drive technology now available for the smart fortwo makes this possible. When the driver brakes and the vehicle's speed falls below 8 km/h, the engine shuts down automatically without the driver having to do anything. In conjunction with the slightly modified gear ratios of the automated manual transmission, this leads to a fuel saving of 8 percent in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). The standard consumption is reduced by 0.4 litres – from 4.7 litres to 4.3 litres per 100 kilometres. There is also a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions from 112 grams to approx. 103 grams per kilometre.

To achieve this, the new smart fortwo micro hybrid drive automatically shuts down the engine completely whenever it would normally be combusting fuel unnecessarily in idle position. As soon as the driver releases the brake pedal, the engine restarts automatically and the journey can continue immediately without a noticeable delay. The driver doesn't need to do anything out of the ordinary. In conjunction with the automated manual transmission that comes as standard, the new start/stop technology thus guarantees comfortable and straightforward driving with reduced fuel consumption. 

At the heart of the start/stop system is a special belt-driven starter generator. This replaces and does the work of both the conventional starter and the alternator. When the engine is running, it generates electric current for the vehicle's electrical system, and when the engine needs to be started this is done smoothly in a fraction of a second.

Smart Fortwo Micro Hybrid Drive