Renault Fluence ZE

From Renault press: Better Place and Renault launch Fluence Z.E., the first “unlimited mileage” electric car together with innovative eMobility packages, in Europe’s first Better Place Center.

The Renault Fluence Z.E. “Prime Time” will include, as standard features, climate control, navigation and energy management services via the in-car software system, radio-CD, alloy wheels, electric mirrors, 4 electric windows, central locking, a state- of-the-art lithium-ion switchable battery and many more equipments.

The car will offer Danish drivers a range of up to 185 kilometers, measured on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) with a fully charged battery. Actual range is virtually “unlimited,” thanks to the convenience of switchable battery technology that will enable drivers to “refuel” their Fluence Z.E. in under five minutes in the Better Place network of battery switch stations.

Every subscription includes unlimited access to the Better Place network of public charge spots and battery switch stations, electricity usage, personalized energy management and navigation services via in-car and network software, an inventory of batteries with a guaranteed service level agreement, 24-hour access to customer service and support, and a private charge spot.

Overall, taking into account the vehicle selling price and the subscription packages, drivers will enjoy a more affordable driving alternative compared to the cost of petrol- based cars and fuel, depending on make and model of the car and driving usage. Importantly, drivers gain the added benefit of locking in a fixed price for mobility services without the volatility risk associated with the price of oil and without sacrificing range.

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