Austin-Healey 100M Le Mans Roadster

Donald Healey astutely recognized a sizeable market for a fast, nimble and stylish open two-seater, particularly in America, and the 100/4 was the inspired result. Today, the up-rated 100M “Le Mans” remains the finest and most desirable early variant, offering superior performance and such distinctive, race-bred external features as a louvered bonnet with a leather retaining strap, silver-painted wire wheels and a rakish cut-down windscreen.

Mechanical upgrades included 8:1 compression, a high-lift cam, upgraded carburetors, a low-restriction intake manifold and a modified distributor, which translated to an additional 20 hp and 154 pounds-feet of torque. Ultimately, while only 640 100M “Le Mans” cars were built by the factory itself, many more were upgraded locally by dealers as an option for their more performance-minded clients.

This car was auctioned off by RM Auctions in March of 2010 at the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, Florida and in January of 2012 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, Phoenix, Arizona.

110 bhp, 2,660 cc OHV inline four-cylinder engine, twin SU carburetors, four-speed manual gearbox with overdrive, independent front suspension with wishbones, coil springs and anti-roll torsion bar, live rear axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs and anti-sway track bar, and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 90".

Source: RM Auctions

Austin-Healey 100M Le Mans Roadster