Vilner Saturn Sky Blackadder

This four-wheel ride is an American Saturn Sky, small two-seater cabrio, refurnished by the Bulgarian studio Vilner. The machine has a four-cylinder engine of 177 hp. The main machinery, such as engine, transmission and suspension, is original. The vehicle’s exterior and interior have undergone a total change.

The blue-grey polish of the carriage is masterly covered with mating foil with pearl effect and thus the little Blackadder spectacularly throws in the corner all big, bad and depressed mat black cars. No car paint can recreate such accumulation of mutually unacceptable at the first sight effects – metallic, mat and pearl. In general, car foil is a smart material because, on one hand, it looks great, and on the other, it preserves the polish cover. It is with excellent resistance to external influences and it can be easily removed or changed.

The signal green accents in the exterior are scattered on interesting and non-intrusive positions. At the same time, they cannot remain unnoticed. We can see them in the decorative elements on the head-lights, in the very logo, on the front brakes exhaust tunnel lining, even on the wheel rims and their tops.

Thus, Blackadder creates the impression of daring style, which does not irritate the eyes with grotesque shapes and colors. On the contrary, elegance dominates in this small hooligan. Including in the interior, where you are welcomed by a shining mixture of leather, alcantara and black piano polish.

The work that Vilner did in the coupe starts with the steering-wheel. It got new, sport shape and lining of leather and alcantara – artificial but expensive material, resembling velveteen. The new disks of the mileage-meter and cyclometer are visible behind it, thematically illuminated in signal green. The logos on the steering-wheel and between the seats, as well as the line that longitudinally crosses the car, are marked with this color too. This line goes through the front hood, plunges into the panel and continues on the boot.

There is more alcantara on the airbag box, on the whole lower part of the panel, on the doors, as well as on the mileage-meter visor. However, it is edged with a white seam, which delicately corresponds to the thin white leather hem on the seats. It looks as if they underline all other seams in the interior, made of the familiar signal green. The threads, colored in this signal green, cut through the tunnels between the seats, portray the steering-wheel and outline the seats. They are also in harmony with the green prints on the pillows and on the cap of the box between the seats.

The final accents in Blackadder come from the audio system. Vilner's experts explained that one of the most difficult tasks in vehicle sounding is the cabriolet. The sound must be perfect both with the roof off and on. This is as if sounding at the same time a stadium and a concert hall – almost impossible! However, experts changed the noise insulation on the doors and added speakers, as well as the German Ground Zero amplifier.

Thus, with the small Blackadder, Vilner studio showed how a typical lady’s car can be turned into a stylish designer jewel.

Source: Vilner press

Vilner Saturn Sky Blackadder