Vilner Saturn Sky

Vilner, a Bulgarian company specializes in tuning cars. Marketed as the Opel GT in Europe, Vilner managed to get an example of the American roadster, the Saturn Sky.

Following its extremely successful adjustment of Saturn Sky, which came to be known as the Blackadder, the Bulgarian designer studio Vilner decided to try itself on the same vehicle again.

The custom masters’ team had to face the challenge to combine oriental blue, royal red and aureate, and it still managed to stay out of the thin borderline between design and kitsch.

On the outside, Saturn Sky is dressed in blue foil with pearl effect, while some details are gilt. In the front bumper, day LED lights are built in, which perfectly supplement the cabriolet’s vision.

Royal red dominates in the interior of the vehicle and yet black Alcantara and carbon elements are used, while there are some fine details in gilt, added as an accent.

The leather upholstery is engraved in Vilner’s style and the steering-wheel’s shape is handmade with a carbon element built in. The mileage-meters’ disks are changed, to be made fully in line with the style of the car.

Source: Vilner press

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