Joss JP

From Joss press: Australian sports car manufacturer Joss Developments today announced it has added European paint and coatings supplier AkzoNobel as its latest technology partner.

As the final design of the JOSS JP1 supercar takes shape at the company’s Advanced Automotive Design Centre in Melbourne its final wardrobe of exclusive colours is being prepared by the Netherlands-based paint company.

AkzoNobel is perhaps best known in automotive circles for its striking colour schemes on Formula 1™ racing cars. Their visually stunning racing suits are regarded as design genius for not only their iconic colour-sets but for being one of lightest paint finishes in the world.

And it is for this reason, among others, that Joss chose to partner with the world-class paint and coating supplier, which will be using products from its Sikkens brand on the JOSS JP1 supercar.

JOSS Developments’ Technical Director, Matt Thomas: “We need the best technology partners for this project and that is why we wanted AkzoNobel on our team. It’s as simple as that.

“The quality- and weight-optimisation programmes for this car are exhaustive. Every element that will go into producing them must meet stringent standards.

“What’s more, this car will take on Europe’s best so when it came to the car’s exterior finish we simply looked for the best European products - and all roads led to Sikkens,” said Thomas.

According to Stephen Read, AkzoNobel’s Marketing Manager, the opportunity to dress such a powerful design is both exciting and challenging.

“Because this car’s light-weight carbon-fibre body will weigh around 45 kilograms we need the lightest paint with the best possible finish.

“To achieve this the JOSS supercar will wear Sikkens’ latest waterborne paint technology.

“Being one of only a few to see the car’s design I was quick to conclude that the final colour and finish will play a vital role in maximising the car’s visual impact.

“This is by far one of the most exciting projects in the Australian car industry and I’m thrilled AkzoNobel has been involved so early in its development,” said Read.

Joss JP