Porsche 929 Concept by Julliana Cho

Due to environmental and space issues, designing a reliable eco system of the automotive industry became more important than ever. One of the solutions is to share a vehicle, giving the people same experience as with privately own vehicles and at the same time reducing the amount of vehicles. Most of the previous concepts tend to be compact, made out of cheap material, easy to use, with stackable function targeting the mass. But is a premium brand like Porsche an exception for these concepts? And will it successfully work in the major cities of Asia where there is a serious problem with traffic jams, but still small cars are extremely unpopular? Will the customers with high expectations be satisfied with small cheap shared cars?

Porsche 929 is a 4 seater vehicle specially designed for an exclusive sharing car membership. Targeting the potential Porsche customers in both Asian and European major cities, it is suitable for long distance drive as a weekend family car. Rather than hiding that it’s shared, Porsche 929 shows more that it’s shared with symbolic design elements providing strong emotional benefit for the customers by making them feel proud to be part of the exclusive eco friendly membership. The shared fluidic body frame structure is the identity of the sharing car club which links between the unique parking architecture and exterior styling with integrated form language creating symbolic graphics of the design.

The main goal Julliana Cho wanted to achieve was to keep the balance between the message and the object. Obvious designs with exaggerating features might be attractive on the first glance, but does not lasts long to the customers if they can’t deeply understand the concept beyond. Before trying hard to give a wow effect to the people, Cho believes car design should focus on how to change the people’s perception of eco friendly cars step by step.

Source: Julliana Cho

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